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Changsha China, the world's leading hotel company with three brands in its portfolio, including Changsha, Shangri-La and Chiang Kai-Shek Hotels, has entered into a strategic partnership with to mutually strengthen the hotel brand's position in mainland China. To start the New Year and to receive the extraordinary blessing we have received, I was appointed an IFS Ambassador to give everyone in Changsha unprecedented winter fantasies. This provides an opportunity to grow the brand by leveraging our increased marketing power and improved customer experience in China and beyond.

We are the main training provider for China's spies and our main office is in Beijing, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Beijing. Dentons has expanded its reach in China with a new partnership with what you'll know as "Dentons Davis Brown."

We have organised two workshops in Oxford, where we have taught our colleagues in China and had access to some of the most advanced projects in the laboratory. A young Chinese man named Dongyang Xu, who calls himself NUDT, enjoyed a two-day visit to Dentons Davis Brown Laboratory in London. Xu was able to hold two Oxford workshops at NudT in 2016 and 2018, when he gave his Chinese colleagues a tour of our lab. Professor Christopher Foot, who runs the lab, is beaming as he is surrounded by his Chinese colleagues and has organised a drinks party after the second workshop in 2018.

He shouts when asked how he plans to use the knowledge he acquired at Oxford. He told the Mail: "The fact that we share research with China with military use is astounding. In this way, China has subtly exploited the naivety of Western democracies for years to gain influence, steal our technology, and spy on us. We have handed the world over to China - defeating technological progress, but we have got something back.

We are only just beginning to realise that the Chinese have an interest in areas that will benefit their strategic future, and it is rather late to take steps now to bring that interest under control. The ASPI says the NUDT is using expertise and resources from overseas to develop its capabilities. Author Greg Levesque said: "China systematically hires and recruits scientists to research institutions around the world to acquire intellectual property and know-how - how that improves military capabilities. China's proposed 5G network of high-speed wireless networks is changing the picture.

This will change the behaviour of students and scientists who want to work in such sensitive areas, so that a repeat of this affair should be impossible. A visa requirement has been tightened to ensure that PhD candidates applying to study in the UK or researching in areas such as nanotechnology, biophysics, computer science and engineering are subject to stricter controls. An Oxford spokesman said: "The University of Oxford gives high priority to resisting attempts to disrupt or redirect the work of our scientists.

But that is precisely what Britain is doing, pumping £1 billion into technological quantum propulsion. There is no doubt that a nation that has all its secrets is mad to share them with another that is hell - intent on dominating the globe and having the resources to do so.

The Quantum Dragon report warns that China's advances in quantum technology are based on a decades-long strategy of exploiting Western research institutes. Beijing has funded the ultracold quantum material laboratory at Hunan University, a university controlled by the Communist Party's People's Liberation Army. ASPI also classified Xu's first university in Hunan as "very risky" for its research projects with the People's Liberation Army, including nuclear weapons. She points out that NUDT is "one of the most advanced research institutions in the world in the field of quantum physics."

Chinese PhD students studying at military universities and funded by NUDT are trained and supported by Oxford for five years. Xu attended the university that researches for the Chinese military in Hunan, and his studies in the UK were paid for by the NudT. Dr. Xu had his oral exam and was allowed to take his doctorate, then leave the country and go to the UK.

Last December, US technology analysts on Strider's board, which includes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director John Brennan, sounded the alarm about China's ambitions. This week, the Mail managed to obtain an email address and after a brief exchange, it was confirmed that he was from mainland China.

Chinese defector Wang Liqiang said he received fake papers from the university's intelligence center to spy on Taiwan. Senior Whitehall sources are deeply concerned that advances in quantum technology will always have dual benefits and be just as valuable to the military. They said, "There are still concerns about Chinese students and academics trying to acquire knowledge about the Chinese state.

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